Freshly Wasn’t For Me

I’d seen ads for Freshly online and on social media. They actually sent me a few postcards in the mail, which as far as I know I had never signed up for any lists, so it was boggling how they got my info. After looking them up online and thinking about it for a few months, I decided to take them up on the postcard offer and give them a shot. I did 2 weeks of meals with them and decided I wouldn’t do it again.

While the idea of having already cooked meals shipped to you sounds good, the meals themselves weren’t anything too amazing and often the serving sizes left me still hungry. I felt like most of the meals tasted similar and didn’t really like them. I did a variety of meals from the famed Steak and Peppercorn sauce to turkey meatballs, chicken and mashed potatoes, to veggie dishes. After doctoring them up with my own seasonings at home, they still fell flat. Even babe (who is notoriously less picky than I am) agreed that some of the meals missed the mark. We cooked additional veggies on the side to make up for the small portions. And for something called “Freshly” the meals didn’t seem that fresh. They were a step above frozen dinners, but even some of the better frozen dinners I’ve had have left me more satisfied. 

If you’re curious and have a promo code, I would say to try it. It’s definitely not a bad price on a promo offer. Just don’t set your expectations too high. The meals will not look like the pictures when you’re choosing either. Read through the ingredients to make sure you’re absolutely ok with ALL of them. But for me, this is a big NO.

- L

#CarnivalChronicles: The Beginning

It’s less than a year away and lawdddd it starting to feel so real! G Dubs and I did so much research, and I still don’t feel ready. I booked the hotel last week and we’re looking at flights now. Time is going to fly, I know it. But as excited as I am, I’m nervous too. But 2018 was the start of doing new things, and we’re going to continue that trend in 2019 and beyond. No stopping now!

I am happy that more and more people I know will be there. I’m a bit apprehensive that it will be too big of an event since it seems this year there were more crossovers from American Hip Hop and R&B artists that played mas this year. Time will tell. Carnival is becoming a big ting!

With guidance from all the groups and Caribbean bloggers, I’m running into Trinidad Carnival with open arms. Bear with me as a carnival newbie doing this on a budget. Let’s see how I make out with the planning and festivities.

Will you be there?

- L