Feelings and things..

I found out on Sunday that my younger cousin passed away. He was only 25.  Just talking about him in the past tense hurts. I don't know why it's hit me so hard, he moved away when he was still in school - around 2003. And I really only saw him once a year when I would visit. Maybe it’s the circumstances, realizing that I'm not that much older than him. Maybe its because he had so much life ahead of him. It's been 4 years since we lost his mom, my second mother. It just seems so unreal. Life isn't always fair. Nothing really is.

I'll be heading out next week to see the family and attend the service. It always seems that we only see each other for funerals. We've got to change that.

Please enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. If you are struggling, please reach out and  get help. Check in with your friends and family, even if they seem strong.  Every bit helps.  No one is perfect. And remember you are all loved. <3

- L

Not So Travel Tuesdays

Welp, this section was good while it lasted.. I unfortunately will not be traveling much this year. Finances and some other more important things need to be dealt with. Honestly, this section never took off the way I intended. I will still try to update as I can. But most of my travel for the year will be for work and not as interesting to post about. With the current state of affairs during this shutdown, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

- L

Holiday and Year End Wrap Up

I’ve been absolutely terrible about posting. I’ve got a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to post. It’s that much easier to toss things up on the ‘gram and keep it moving though. But even there I’m seeing my impressions and interactions drop. It doesn’t make me want to post that much either. Especially when I see pages that have so few posts, but have 1k plus followers and upwards of 800 likes for stupid pictures. Granted, I’m still doing this for me and for fun, but…. it’s becoming less fun. I’m outchea competing with Instacookie cutters for likes, for what? I’m gonna always be me and I’m not changing that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The holidays were all a blur. Thanksgiving and Christmas just seemed to run right into each other. It reminds me of someone’s Twitter or Facebook post.. we just saw each other a month ago and did the whole shebang, do we need to do it all again so soon? Can I get a few months? It’s just so busy. This year was the first year I did anything for Christmas in awhile. I (sort of) got into the holiday spirit and put up my scraggly tree. I put up stockings.. LOL and that was already too much work. I give props to everyone who really does it up for the holiday decorating. Because I can’t. I don’t even have the proper vision for it. Don’t worry it wasn’t a complete bahumbug for me. I got to see my family and spend quality time, laughing and reliving the memories. We didn’t do many gifts this year, but I’m ok with that. I’ve got to save up for my next round of trips and there will be lots of staycations in 2019.

2018 has been.. interesting to say the least. Doors were closed, others thrown wide open. It was definitely a rocky start to the beginning and started to turn around at the halfway mark. In the last quarter it definitely started to look up. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m better. I’m getting the hang of this being happy thing. For those of you that have commented on that - you’re absolutely right. I’m happier now than I’ve been in the past few years. When it’s a little more established I’ll let y’all in on that.

Here’s to an awesome, kick ass 2019! Bring on the blessings.

- L