Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection Review

Ok y'all. So you already know how excited I was when the first Fenty Beauty launch happened, and how much I loved everything. Well, you can only imagine my excitement at last Friday's holiday launch! Of course RiRI would launch on Friday the 13th - I see you girl! I went around 9 am to the Sephora store by my office, and was surprised to see it so quiet and empty. I panicked a little thinking that everything was sold out already and that I was too late. But there was still quite a bit of stuff left. I did grab one of the last lip colors, I just can't remember which one. The eyeshadow palettes were also low in stock, but everything else was still there for the most part. I was kind of surprised, but then again there were a lot more reviews and videos about the collection this time around, so everyone kind of already has an idea if they wanted to buy it or not. I did not watch any videos or reviews because I did not want to be influenced. I had only seen the colors in the collection from Instagram. I picked up all 3 eyeliners, 4 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses, and the eye palette. Everything looked pretty true to what I had seen online and could not wait to swatch everything.

The Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliners ($20) are AMAZING! I was in love immediately. I for sure have to step up my eyeliner game and do these proud. I can't choose a favorite, they all look so gorgeous. My only complaint is that there is no purple! C'mon now Ri! I have worn all 3 and they do not bleed out or fade throughout the day. There is some glitter fall out when I don't use a primer under, but nothing too terrible. Personally, I am terrible at liquid eyeliner, but I used these with a brush and was able to get them on with no problems. 

Photo Oct 14, 10 49 57 PM.jpg

The Galaxy Eyeshadow palette ($59) is straight out of my dreams. The colors are wearable for daytime and after hours. The shadows are very pigmented and the formula is smooth. You don't feel any glitter or chunks. As with most glitter and shimmer shadows, there will be fallout if you do not use a primer. For me, these worked the best with Too Faced glitter glue. There was no creasing, and even with my oily lids, the shadows looked great at the end of the day. 

Now y'all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE lipsticks! If nothing else, lipstick runs my life. So I was super excited to try the lip products. Normally I am not a lipgloss person because they are sticky and my hair gets in them. I am more into matte/liquid lipsticks that dry down and do not transfer. That is so clutch for me. But I was disappointed in the lipsticks and more into the lipglosses. The Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitters ($19) are very pigmented and not too sticky, so I actually can see myself wearing them. The color is buildable and even with the lightest swipe of gloss, the sparkle is on high. The Starlit Hyper-Glitz lipsticks ($19), however, you have to work too much to get a good color pay off. Also the size for the price, I really don’t think it’s necessary to have these. The packaging is really cute but it is very prone to getting fingerprints. The only lipsticks that I can actually see being worth it are Sci-Fly and Gravity. But because the glosses that complement them are so similar in color I would prefer to just keep the glosses for maximum glittery impact. The glosses do smell a lot less than the original gloss bomb before and the feel is similar, but I can’t quite place my finger on that smell. 

Overall the Galaxy collection is worth it if you want to be one with the cosmos. I just would not recommend the lipsticks. 

- L