Travel Tuesdays: Georgia Aquarium

While in Atlanta for work last week, I finally had a chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium. I've been to ATL so many times, working at the convention center nearby and never visited the aquarium. I had a little bit of time after set up, and decided to walk over and check it out. While it is a bit pricey ($31.95 + tax) it is worth it. You get access to all the exhibits, plus the dolphin and sea lion shows. There were no cameras allowed during the sea lion and dolphin shows, but I can tell you that both shows are worth it! For the sea lions, try to sit in the first few rows if you want to be up close to the action. It is the opposite for the dolphins though! There is quite a bit of splashing, so sit a little higher up to avoid getting wet.

The aquarium is laid out really well so you aren’t going to miss anything. In the penguin area, you can crawl under part of the exhibit and stick your head in the cut outs right into the penguin habitat. It’s pretty cool how they did that, but the space is quite cramped – to be fair it is more for kids than adults. The Beluga whale tank is huge and you can see them from up high, or close up on the lower level. My favorite would have to be the shark tank though. You get to walk under part of the exhibit and see the whale sharks, rays, and all the fish swim above you. I tried to get some good pictures, but a lot of it is dark with no flash allowed (for obvious reasons.) It still is definitely something I would recommend checking out!

- L