Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick Swatches + Review

RiRi keeps on killing the game with Fenty Beauty. 14 new lipsticks dropped on Tuesday, and I was lucky enough to snatch them up in store. And by them, I mean all 14. Oops. The Mattemoiselle lipsticks are Plush Matte and described as “a velvety, soft matte inspired by a rose petal finish” with intense color. These mostly live up to that claim. I had issues with 1 color not being intense in color pay off and took more time to build up. I absolutely love the finish and texture of these, so much better than the Galaxy collection ones. They are super pigmented and comfortable on the lips. There was no drag on the lips during application and even though my lips were chapped, they didn’t settle into the lines. I did not notice any feathering or bleeding with these either. The only downside (for me) is that the lipsticks are flat and round unlike most traditional lipsticks, so there is no pointed tip to help line the lips. I’m still getting used to the round shape. I wore Spanked to work and it lasted most of the day with touchups being needed after eating and drinking. Not quite as long lasting as liquid lipsticks, but not terrible either. And yes these do transfer!!

My top faves: Midnight Wasabii, PMS, Griselda, Spanked, Candy Venom (I actually liked this more than I thought because I usually hate pink lipstick!) and Clapback. Clapback actually reminded me of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Abused that I liked until I stopped supporting him. So I am happy to get something similar back in my arsenal. I LOVE dark and differently colored lips.

Note: I am wearing Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation in 310, Matchstix in Maple, and Galaxy palette on eyes. Why not make it a full Fenty face?

These colors I was iffy about, and I can pull them off, but not sure if I do completely. Shawty, One Of The Boyz, S1NGLE, Freckle Fiesta (I wanted to love this one so much.) and Ya Digg?!

I didn’t even want to put pictures up of these, but SAW-C and Up 2 No Good did NOT work for me AT ALL. I had already figured Up 2 No Good would have been terrible on me from the hand swatch, but jeez I was not prepared for seeing it on my face. SAW-C gave me the most trouble with color payoff. It went on sheer for me and I had to really layer it to get it to show up. I wanted to like it, but I can’t make it work.

Ma’Damn gets its own category because it’s red and I am not a fan in general of red lipsticks. It feels too Snow White and the poison apple to me. I love the way reds look on, but they feel too glamorous, too taboo for me. The lines have to be crisp and perfect, and your whole face has to be on point. IDK maybe I’m just being a weirdo. I will slap on a blue or purple lipstick and not think anything of it. Ma’Damn is also really close to Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint, so if you’re like me and the formula of the lip paint didn’t work for you, then you might like Ma’Damn.

L: Ma'Damn | R: Stunna in Uncensored

After trying on all these colors, I can say the pros that do these lip swatches are amazing and I have a new found respect for them. My lips hated me after trying on and taking off all 14. Also I developed a lip complex trying to get my lips filled in and lined properly. I realized my skills need work, and my lips are not even. And I need to work on my expressions. Blah.

- L