Travel Tuesdays: Delta's Upgraded Breakfast (JFK-SFO)

Delta had started offering free meals on transcontinental flights again within the last year or so and that made me happy considering the amount of time I spend going to and from Cali. Especially dreadful LAX and SFO. They even give you a frozen yogurt bar (in Economy Comfort at least.) Tack on free alcohol - if that's your thing - and the flight can be enjoyable. Or at least not so hellish. Sometimes it's the small things to make the flight better.

On my most recent trip to SFO I noticed they changed the breakfast offerings just a bit. And I was immediately excited. I know I know. Things often sound or look much better than they taste, especially plane food. Now hear me out. The previous offering was fairly decent. You just have to adjust your expectations a bit. Don't expect gourmet food on a plane - even in first class. I usually always stuck to the Turkey sandwich on a croissant for breakfast. I feel like it may have come with a bag of chips or similar. But the upgraded version comes on a waffle on a little tray with a side of fruit. Intrigued, I said confidently "Turkey Waffle please" when the flight attendant asked me for my choice. 

Presentation was good, but how was the execution on taste? Even with lowered expectations, I was surprised. Not bad at all. Although the waffle is pretty crumbly so I didn't eat it as a sandwich. Strawberries were fresh, albeit not sweet. But the cinnamon honey yogurt dip helped with that. I actually want to make this at home because it was so good! 

On the return flight, it was turkey on a cinnamon raisin bagel. I was skeptical, but it was actually pretty good. Just dry, no mayo or special sauces. Maybe this is something to think about Delta! The yogurt and granola bar were welcome additions and helped round out the meal.

Have you tried any of the new options?

- L