Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Review + Swatches

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few days, you've probably heard by now that Rihanna's makeup line - Fenty Beauty - dropped last Friday. As soon as I got the email from Sephora that it was live, I bought a few pieces from the collection. Then I went during lunch to the physical store and picked up a few more pieces. When I say it was bedlam... Girls were swarming the Fenty display. Quite a few items were already sold out, and I snatched the last foundation brush! 

In direct sunlight wearing Fenty Pro Filt'r foundation in 310 and Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in Ginger Binge on my eyes and cheeks.

In direct sunlight wearing Fenty Pro Filt'r foundation in 310 and Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in Ginger Binge on my eyes and cheeks.


Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($34)

I ordered 2 foundations online based off the descriptions on Sephora’s website - 290 (medium to tan with neutral olive undertones) and 330 (tan with warm yellow undertones) – and was more than a little off on both of them. I was color matched to 310 (medium to tan with very warm undertones) which is smack dab in the middle of these 2. *facepalm* For reference I am NC42 in MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and 3W2 Cashew in Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I also received a deluxe sample in 340 (tan with cool pink undertones) with the promo Sephora was running. I’ve been wearing the foundation every day since Friday and I am in LOVE. I don’t typically use primer with foundation unless I need it to last for a special event. The Pro Filt’r does not disappoint! I put it on around 7 am and don’t need to blot or powder til 2-3 pm. It does not settle into lines, cake up, or break down on my face. It still looks flawless at the end of the day! It is not heavy on my skin and I can’t tell I am wearing it, even touching my face. It is medium coverage, but I find that’s all I need now that my skin has cleared up. I can do 2 layers to make it more full coverage, and it still performs well with no caking. When used with the Matchstix Matte, it is perfection! And a big thank you to RiRi for having a pump on the foundation bottle!  

Match Stix Matte & Shimmer Skinsticks ($25) Match Stix Trio ($54)

In my rush to get hands on these, I ordered 2 shades online based off the description – Wheat (medium to tan with warm undertones) and Latte (tan with warm undertones) – and was off on these as well. I was matched to Maple (medium to tan with neutral undertones) which ended up being lighter than the 2 I chose. While I usually find neutral bases to lean pink on me, Maple does not. It is a tad light, but works for under eyes and is great at covering the redness around my nose. I would probably still need a peach under eye corrector for my really bad days. I would only use this for minor touch ups because in larger applications, Maple washes me out. I did a test run with it on full face, and instantly regretted it. I was really expecting Wheat to be a better match, but it is too dark to work for me in any application. 

I was curious about the Match Stix Trio, but in hindsight I could have chose my own colors and made my own set. I ordered Tan 300 (Caramel, Truffle, Rum) but it was too dark for me. When I went in store and swatched more stuff, Medium 200 (Bamboo, Mocha, Trippin) probably would have worked better. Alas, I will pass on the trios and just pick up Mocha and Bamboo on their own. 

Ridiiic (golden papaya) got tossed in my cart because I usually don’t use red or bright cheek colors. If I’m gonna do this, I might as well get something different right? I did not expect to love this as much as I do, but dang it is such a beautiful color and blends out so nicely and looks natural with a hint of shimmer. I can see myself wearing this every day. After using this, I am tempted to go pick up Yacht Lyfe and Chili Mango. 

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer ($18)

I picked up the gloss because I was caught up in the hype, and wanted to see if it would make me like lip glosses. But it did not. The color is gorgeous, but not unique enough to justify keeping. The formula isn’t as sticky as some glosses, but has a slight bit of tack to it. It has a strong candy smell to it too, which is another turn off. You can’t smell it when it’s on, but out of the tube it’s enough to be off putting for me. Lip glosses are not for everyone, and sadly I have to pass on this.

Top to bottom: Lip Luminizer, Killawatt in Chic Phreak, Girl Next Door, Moscow Mule, Ginger Binge

Top to bottom: Lip Luminizer, Killawatt in Chic Phreak, Girl Next Door, Moscow Mule, Ginger Binge

Killawatt Freestlyle Highlighter duos ($34)

Now these babies right here are the champions of everything I bought. The shimmers show up so well and aren’t totally in your face, but can be built up for that WOW effect. The glitter is not chunky and I did not feel it at all on my skin! They did not accentuate my pores or skin texture and looked magnificent. I ordered Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak online and picked up Ginger Binge/ Moscow Mule because it was so beautiful in person. I swatched Trophy Wife and Metal Moon in store and wasn’t blown away by either, but after seeing both on all these gorgeous faces on Instagram, I might have to get them. I’ve worn Ginger Binge/ Moscow Mule 2x and loved it both times. I like it a lot more than Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak if I’m being honest. They’re both amazing highlighters, but I feel like I have so many similar colors to GND/CP that I might not keep it. 

Overall I think this collection is pretty solid and RiRi did a phenomenal job with this! Products are good quality, at a fair price point. 

- L