Still Around

Don't worry, I haven't disappeared just yet. 2018 just hasn't started off quite right for me. It's been moving fairly quickly but has also given me my fair share of stress. I'm just starting to come out of it now. I will say that I'm also lazy and have been doing more stuff on Instagram, including my first live video. It's just easier that way. If you readers didn't mind even more subpar photo quality and less staging and prettiness, then I would be able to get posts up faster. But I have my own vision in mind and I do want to show progress in quality of posts, so I wouldn't do that. I have so many lined up that I wanted to do and yet they haven't made it up here. I did photo shoots for 2 posts that aren't even in draft mode. I have to get it together. As I'm coming out of this funk, I might push myself to do them, even if they're old news by the time I get them up.  

Side note - why are my neighbors blasting old school R Kelly at 10:19 on a Sunday night?

- L