Esqido Mink Eyelash Review

Let me start off by saying I am no lash connoisseur, but I do appreciate the beauty in a full, voluminous lash. They can add a finishing touch to a look and bring the whole thing together. I am not very good at lashes, but still put them on anyway. It’s an art, and takes tons of practice. When Esqido reached out to me about reviewing their mink lashes, I was hesitant, but said yes. Y’all know I’m no insta-model and everything I have learned is through trial and error. It took a few weeks for the lashes to come - I didn’t even realize they were coming from Canada! I deff should have done my due diligence and researched them a little more. I was skeptical, but when the lashes arrived, I was blown away. I will say these are my first mink lashes, but color me impressed!

The packaging is beautiful, and you can tell they care about presentation. The lashes are super soft, the lash band is thick and not flimsy. I didn’t have to trim them for my eyes like I normally have to with falsies. I received the Mystic and Celestial styles with the lash glue. I read the instruction card on how to apply lashes (a first!) and was impressed with how well I got them on the first try. My left eye went on perfectly. I always have trouble with the right eye, so I did have to do that one 2x before getting it on properly. But GIRL/BOY/EVERYONE this lash glue is BOMB!!! I have never loved a lash glue as much as I loved the Esqido Companion Eyelash glue. I threw out my other ones the same night. This will be my holy grail, hands down. It looks like a liquid liner or lip gloss, but the applicator tip is pointed for precise application to the lash band. It didn’t take too long to get sticky/tacky for application, and it stays in place. I mean I slept in these lashes and the next day they were still poppingggg! No lifting, no eyelash on my pillow or cheek. Perfectly intact on my eyes. Yet the lashes peeled off easily when I removed them. I used a little micellar water to get the rest off, and done.

Now the lashes.. I loved the way both looked on me and can deff say I will be wearing these more often. I don’t have anything to compare it to in terms of mink, but the quality of the lashes is great. None of my natural lashes have fallen out with the use of the glue or falsies. Even after reusing the lashes for the past 2 months, they are in great condition. They’re nice and full without being over the top and distracting from the rest of my look. There are more intense lash styles to choose from, and I like that they offer a lash guide. They suggest which lashes would work for you based on eye type, size, your personal style, and events you will wear the lashes. It deff helped me when I was looking through their lashes and felt a little overwhelmed.

I appreciate Esqido sending me the complimentary lashes, and I will definitely be placing an order when my #NoBuy is up in March!

- L