Summer is for..

  • Fetes

  • Good food

  • Enjoying the sun

  • Day drinking

And many more things that I will be doing this summer. Boy how the time flies. It’s been a whirlwind the past 2 months. Wrapping up the end of our busy season at work, the last season of Game of Thrones, getting back in the gym, and living my best fete life has been keeping me on my toes. I even ran (power walked) a 5k! Throw in some hair color changes and life’s good. I have not forgotten about you, all 4 my readers.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, and things could be better, but I’m in a happy place at the moment. I’ve been running around getting summer clothes, outfits for all these themed fetes, and trying to find supportive sports bras. But overall living life and just being myself, with no pretenses. I’ve made some new connections and definitely have been going outside of my comfort zone. My Trinidad carnival fund is moving along quite nicely and I’ve been getting my finances in order. Band launch is coming in the next few weeks and I AM EXCITED.

I’ve got a few things on the back burner to post, so (hopefully) I can get to churning out more content here and not just on Instagram.

- L