Travel Tuesdays: BRT Weekend Atlantic City 2019 Review

BRT - Bunch of Rassclaat Trash is what it should be instead of Beach Road Trip.

We should all know by now not to believe everything we see on social media, and yet I still got scammed. I know better now though, and BRT will NEVER NEVER NEVER get my hard earned coins again. BRT Weekend in Atlantic City seemed all shiny and glorious from their social media posts when GDub showed it to me. It seemed feasible since the price wasn’t bad and it was close by. It was marketed as “All inclusive - food and drinks.” Who doesn’t want that? But what we got in reality was a steaming hot trash pile. All of the big DJs and performers who attach their names to this should be ashamed of themselves. 

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Aside from the million posts about how fun it was going to be with pics of (mostly) hot girls, BRT was constantly emailing and advertising ticket discounts. We took advantage of the discounted general admission tickets, so we didn’t pay full price. I will say for sure I’m glad that I didn’t or there would be more hell to pay. Then they announced the artist and DJ lineup, which sounded AMAZING! I was even more hyped to go, I had outfits planned and was ready. As we drew closer to the event I was a little concerned that no details were emailed to us. Finally, the day before the event, they made an Instagram post with the wristband pick up info. Cool. We arrived around 1:15 to pick up our wristbands and while the signage could have been clearer, we found the line and boy was it long, but I guess to be expected. After about 45 minutes we got our wristbands and cups. I heard for other people they closed the doors later on in the evening, people didn’t get wristbands, and they ran out of cups. They also didn’t tell us at check in that it was 3 drinks per event with the wristbands, we found out from someone else at an event. I still can’t even tell you if you were able to buy extra drinks because I never got more than 2 drinks.

The welcome party was pretty tame, but I guess since not everyone was getting wristbands on time it makes sense. The food and drinks area was chaotic. I wish I took a pic of my plate, as they ran out of some things and forks. Who wants to eat rice and collard greens with fingers at a party?!? Drinks was watered down and I didn’t feel a buzz at all. Super cheap wholesale liquor. VIP drinks were supposed to be top shelf but the only name brand I saw was Bacardi. We went back to the room and got ready for the first event - Maui Wowie with performances by Shenseea, Skinny Fabulous, Voice, and Vincent Ross. We got there around 8pm and the lines weren’t terrible, but security was forcing everyone to drink what was in their cup, or throw it out. Which made no sense to me, but ok. I heard they didn’t start on time either. They ran out of food and we waited almost an hour before we got off the line because no food was coming. They gave out some cheap little cupcakes, fruit, and some shot glass cups with 2 spoon of yogurt in them. I lucky I get the yogurt with ONE blueberry in it. We went to get drinks and they ran out of rum and almost all the chasers. The performances if you can even call them that, were very short and you could barely see the stage because of the set up. They had the stage in the middle and VIP section around it, then general. Weird and very segregated set up. At some point the gates went down and everyone storm the VIP area. Performances didn’t start til like 10 and were done within the hour since they shut the party down right at 11.

After the first day, our expectations were low. We arrived at Xtreme Wet ‘N Wild at 11:45, party was supposed to start 11. They were still not ready and told us to come back. It was allmost 1pm before they were ready. One of the security who was setting up had THE AUDACITY to say we get what we pay for and if they charged more for the event no one would pay. Excuse me?!?! There was no DJ and they had no food. Lines for the drinks were long. It was hot and dry, and they gave us hand fans. Alright.. but it is a WET fete and I don’t see anything wet. The water slides weren’t working and there was no water to be seen. Same stage set up with VIP separating general from the stage, and of course VIP have a pool, so they are “wet.” After about an hour on the far side of the beach, basically on the VIP fence, there was some foam being sprayed into the crowd. We went over there and had a better time. Water gun boys was spraying us, there was a hose spraying nicely. The music was vibes, and we were dancing up a storm. Then security told people to get off the fence and came out with the hose FULL FORCE and hose us down. I felt like I was at a riot the way I was getting hit with that hose. Then when time for Bunji to come on, the VIP fence get push down and storm AGAIN. His performance was the best of the events though, and we still had a good time.

It all went even more downhill from there. We got to Glow Eruption around 9:40 and the line was INSANE. Wrapped up the beach and not moving. Some people went to the VIP entrance and it caused a mob and everything was out of control. People were pushing and yelling, security couldn’t get it in order. G and I barely made it in before they shut down the line and no one was getting in. People that PAID MONEY were not getting into the event. Again there was no food and the lines for the bar were a disaster. Ding Dong performance was ok, but he actually called for the gates to be removed from VIP because he didn’t want his fans separated. We didn’t even bother going up to VIP and the sound quality on the speakers was TERRIBLE. The party ended on time and they were telling people to go to the after party. We decided to go since they said you could buy tickets there. Now let me tell you about this. The tickets for the after parites had been all sold out on Eventbrite, but on the day of more tickets were released. It was $30 in advance and $40 the day of. The after party on day 1 no one could get in and there were fights. Then the 2nd day it was a mob to get in, and it was shut down after an hour. It was going well too! But police showed up in SWAT gear to shut it down and we had no choice but to leave. G filed a claim with Eventbrite to get the money back, so lets see. I heard 3rd night’s after party was cancel even though people pay them money.

I was so over everything on Sunday, but I tried to make the best of it. Jouvert Breakfast Party was a JOKE. Again it didn’t start til almost 11:30 when it was supposed to start at 9. There was no DJ and they weren’t giving out any paint or powder. No food, and no ice for drinks. I hid out around 12 for a few minutes to book my flight for Trinidad (shout out to JetBlue for those prices!) and went to get drinks. The line was a mad house as uaual, and I notice the paint and powder was done. I missed it all in about 20 minutes. All that was left was more hose water. It just ended up being Wet fete part 2. Olatunji came on for literally 3 minutes just to introduce Mr. Killa. Like what was the point??? Mr. Killa was entertaining, but restarted his song like 27 times and didn’t really perform. I went back to my hotel soaked and unhappy. The All White Grand Finale did not improve. We showed up around 8 and the lines weren’t terrible. There was no food, but we were used to that by now. We got our first drinks and actually had rum and pineapple! The DJs were playing old school songs across all genres, some dancehall and not a lick of soca. We got tired of it and went to the bar, but they ran out of everything and only had vodka with no chasers. LOL a joke. We left the party at like 10 because we were so disappointed.

I saw so many people leave comments on BRT Instagram page and they were quick to delete any negative comments or complaints. I left a few and they were deleted before I was eventually blocked. This organization is a scam and I would not advise anyone to support them or to go to their events.


  • Events don’t start on time but end on time.

  • Performances short, not all the artists show up.

  • VIP get stormed.

  • Shitty security and no organized lines or entry.

  • DJs play the same 5-6 soca songs over and over.

  • Too much hip hop and bad mon music.

  • Bartenders pick and choose who they help.

  • Run out of food and drinks.

  • There is only one entrance and exit to the closed off areas which is a hazard and caused people to storm 

  • We spent extra money on food and drinks to enjoy ourselves.

Never again!

- L