Pinknic 2019 - The Event That Never Was

Y’all have no idea how upset we were that Pinknic was canceled because of the Mayor’s office. We were super excited after we had a good time last year, and we were able to convince the men to go with us. We bought tickets for Saturday since it was more all day and no one wanted to leave work early on Fri (no summer Fridays here!) But out of 4 of us, none of us checked to see that it was canceled before leaving. How were we to know the decree was that serious? (I kid I kid.) Do you know the shame and embarrassment of showing up to an event to find out its been canceled?!? Parks security was laughing at us when they told us, and so were all the truck drivers after they left with all their stuff in the back. Luckily I was a bit tipsy from pre-gaming in the car and it helped soften the blow, but it didn’t stop us from using the leftover signs as a photo op. So while I can’t tell you how it was this year, I can list the few things that changed from last year via emails and their FAQ that had me questioning if I wanted to still do the event. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

New from last year:

  • different (bigger?) location on Randall’s Island, more accessible than Gov’s Island (I noticed a few other events moving there this year)

  • wristbands for cashless payments (also a big move towards this at events)

  • more food vendors and options (but they no longer allow you to bring your own food)

  • addition of cocktails and not just wine

  • water events for everyone, not just VIP

If you were able to make it on Friday, how was it?

- L