#CarnivalChronicles - It's Beginning to Look Like Trinidad

It’s beginning to feel super real y’all! Deposit has been made on Airbnb and flights have been booked!! We had some issues with housing, but thankfully were able to secure accommodations. I had done booking.com with Alicia’s Palace in March for a really good price and thought I was good. However, they canceled on me in the beginning of July stating the price listed was incorrect and they would have to cancel and let me rebook for the increased price. It still wasn’t a terrible deal because of how high everything else has been during carnival time. but when I went back to book, it was sold out!! It was a mad dash to find somewhere else to stay. I started checking Airbnb and found another place, but she wanted us to guarantee 7 nights, which was out of our budget and timeframe. On to the next one! It took a little back and forth, and again more price increases, but hopefully this one works out. It is still a bit more than I originally anticipated, but still way less than the major chain hotels were asking for. Definitely something to take note - if you are not staying in a chain hotel, make sure the guest house or Airbnb guarantees the price with you and confirm it is carnival dates. They certainly can be greedy zeen?

GDub and I waited impatiently for JetBlue to release the dates for mid-Feb. Refreshing the JetBlue page daily, sometimes multiple times before we saw on twitter that they would release them mid July. Of course we were at BRT when that happened, but we hid out long enough to secure seats. I’m glad we didn’t wait because prices for our dates went from $600 a person to $1500 a person in a week! Steups… do you know where I can go for $1500?!? I chose seats so fast, that I didn’t account for exit row or flight duration, but meh. I think I’ll be drinking and sleeping that flight anyway :D

And the most important thing - BAND LAUNCHES!!! We still have to wait for a few more, but I have my eye on Rogue and Pure Carnival. The themes, costumes, and colors appeal to me the most ATM. I’m not going to lie, but the late start time on Rogue is another thing I have my eye on. A girl must sleep! I’ve also heard great things about their vibe as well. Just have to wait for the websites to be up and figure out this committee thing. Time is flying though and it will be here before I know it! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Whoosahhhh…

Anyone excited for TnT?

- L