Capsule Wardrobe - The Beginning

One of my friends shared a post on Instagram the other day about starting a capsule wardrobe in the fall and focusing on the more important things in life. I don’t even know why it hit me so hard, but it did. I decided, sure why not? Let’s do a capsule wardrobe. I researched a bit on the internet and said “I can do this.” I need more discipline, a clear direction in my life and to be focused on projects and other things with little distraction.

I came home after planning a few things out on these worksheets from Caroline Joy and sat down with babe to let him know this is what I was thinking. He immediately asked about the sneakers (he’s a big sneaker head and one of the main reasons my collection had grown.) I told him I’d have to sort through and slow down on what I was adding to my collection. I won’t throw anything away outright, but put some to the side and rotate them seasonally. I have upwards of 40 sneakers when I used to only have 5-6, not including all my other shoes. This is the main challenge I see because I’m not as attached to clothes and usually wear the same outfits anyway. I explained to him that I’m (in a way) going back to my humble beginnings where I didn’t care and spent my money on experiences (and food) over what I wore. No more “fix it” shipping sprees when I’m in a bad mood, or bored. No more splurging on the latest and hottest sneakers that I can’t or won’t wear. He took it a little begrudgingly, but agreed to support me on this. 

I decided not to go on an immediate strict capsule regimen. I’d ease into it so there would be less chance of relapse. I wouldn’t count the items to the number, but I would reduce the quantity of items I owned. I wanted to free up more space, as well as own better quality pieces and not just fast fashion. There are the outlier pieces that I have to keep around for formal/semi-formal events that I won’t count. As well as gym and loungewear. I will still reduce quantities of items in those categories. I know most people say to start capsuling by dumping all of your clothes on your bed and sorting that way - similar to Marie Kondo. However, I can’t commit to that. I know what I have and where everything is, so I’ll do it space by space and consolidate as I go along. 

I started tentatively putting things to the side from my closet and dresser to start the process. Things I haven’t worn or reached for in 2 months immediately were pulled. I thought about my goals for my capsule wardrobe and came up with these simple ones:

  • All of my T shirts and tops in 1 drawer

  • Work clothes in 1 drawer

  • Organize shoe rack with space to see all my shoes

After a few days of pulling items, this is what I’ve ended up clearing out:

  • Sneakers - 5 pairs

  • Boots - 1 pair

  • Sandals - 3 pairs

  • Heels - 2 pairs

  • Flats - 1 pair

  • Slippers - 1 pair

  • Shirts/tanks - 10

  • Dresses - 15

  • Jeans/pants - 6

  • Bras - 4

  • Cosmetic Bags - 4

I’ll be slowly getting myself together to start my capsule wardrobe in Sept and checking in with you all to keep myself on track. 

Anyone else into capsuling? 

- L