Hello Fall - Capsule + Life Update

The past few weeks have been extra stressful and I’m still coming down from it. I’ve had to apologize a few times for snapping, and I really need to manage better. Self care is a serious thing and I’m pulling it from the back burner. 

The weather has started to cool down - although not by much because today was in the 80s - and I’m ready to pull out the booties and sweaters. I semi started my capsule wardrobe and have been sticking to it. For work clothes at least. It’s definitely made getting dressed for work that much easier. I’ve said no to shoe and sneaker shopping, only bought things for work, and continued to toss things I haven’t worn or needed. Casual clothes I don’t wear often and probably should capsule since I wear the same 4-5 things anyway. I’ve finally hit that athleisure trend that I’ve hated so much. But leggings and sweatpants are comfy and have become my life. It’s a by product of being lazy and gaining a few pounds. I need to get my act together because Trinidad is around the corner. Shoot, Miami is even closer and I seem to have forgotten all about it. 

I’ve been terribly unproductive project wise this summer and have been hanging out all summer like I’ve got money growing in the backyard. It’s good for the memories and catching up with people, bad for the pockets and liver. I’ve also been binge watching TV shows like there’s no tomorrow which hasn’t helped me want to complete anything. Currently on the list: Vikings, Dead To Me, Law and Order SVU from season 1, Disenchantment, Archer. However this week #TGIT comes back for me with Grey’s Anatomy and I honestly can’t wait. I’ve been dedicated to this show from the beginning and as much as I love it, I want it to end. Anyone else feel like that with any of their favorite long running shows? 

Til the next one,

- L