#CarnivalChronicles: The Beginning

It’s less than a year away and lawdddd it starting to feel so real! G Dubs and I did so much research, and I still don’t feel ready. I booked the hotel last week and we’re looking at flights now. Time is going to fly, I know it. But as excited as I am, I’m nervous too. But 2018 was the start of doing new things, and we’re going to continue that trend in 2019 and beyond. No stopping now!

I am happy that more and more people I know will be there. I’m a bit apprehensive that it will be too big of an event since it seems this year there were more crossovers from American Hip Hop and R&B artists that played mas this year. Time will tell. Carnival is becoming a big ting!

With guidance from all the groups and Caribbean bloggers, I’m running into Trinidad Carnival with open arms. Bear with me as a carnival newbie doing this on a budget. Let’s see how I make out with the planning and festivities.

Will you be there?

- L