ASL Update

I'm still working on the other post. I'm trying to figure out my POV for it and how to make it all come together. I've also been lazy and busy. Lazy to post, busy with class and work.

ASL is a little harder for me because I can't practice with the Mr as I had hoped. I finally made the effort to ask my friends to practice, so I will be practicing with someone 1x a week. Hopefully this helps. My main focus will be to work on reading and understanding someone else's signs, as well as grammar. But I am picking up on the signs fairly quickly. I just need to practice them and learn them that way. Having class 1x a week on Saturday mornings may not have been the best idea. I also feel a little behind because almost everyone else has more ASL experience than I do. But I will not be deterred. I am going to try to look at many DVDs and online vids as possible, with the books I have. I must pass this. I will pass this.

We have a project due this Saturday, and the person I chose to research was TL Forsberg. She's really cool, and her music is pretty awesome. Check her out singing and signing:

I'll be in touch soon!