Feature Friday

Hey guys, I want to introduce you to Kari's Korner! It's owned by a former co-worker of mine, Ashley Sullivan, and she designs (yes she makes her own designs) cute graphics for T-shirts, housewares, and posters. Those are just a few to name, and seriously these designs are so adorable! Parents if you are looking for something cute for your children, this is it. She has categories from "Cutie Fruties" to Holiday designs and is always coming up with new creations.

Saturn! img src
Happy Halloween! img src
Earth Day tote img src

Tell me these don't make you go aww? I've never seen a cuter Earth or Saturn.

You can visit Kari's Korner here, follow her on Twitter, and like her Facebook page!

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- L

Feature Fridays

Hey guys I feel like I'm bouncing all over with these posts. But I can't commit to FIT Foodie Fridays every week. I'll be alternating with Feature Fridays. It's just a way for me to introduce people and their accomplishments and work.

So for my first Feature Friday, I am introducing Lloyd Mitchell of Lloyd Mitchell Photography. I actually grew up with Lloyd in Brooklyn back in the day - circa late 90's/early 2000's. Back then we were just a bunch of kids running around without a care in the world. And now Mr. Mitchell is running around trying to make it a better place through his photography. While he photographs anything that catches his eye, one of his biggest projects is the Fire Department. Whether it be Buffalo Fire Dept (where he currently attends college), Detroit Fire, or good old FDNY here in the boroughs - he is committed to the cause and brings attention to what really goes on behind the scenes. He showcases the hard work of these men and women as they do what they do - save lives.

Take a look at some of his action shots: (All pictures used with permission. Do not reuse without credit.)

He is always busy working on different projects, including being a contributor to Backstep Fire Fighter. Follow his page on Facebook - Lloyd Mitchell Photography to stay up to date!

Buffalo An Alarm of Fire. from Lloyd Mitchell on Vimeo.

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