Where has it gone?

This month my Facebook memories showed me a ton of posts where I talked about how fly I was, or how great I felt. And it's making me wonder where all of that self-love and confidence has gone. I'm not a body shamer, nor do I hate myself. But I have lost the oomph that made me strut my stuff. Maybe the loss of confidence is exuded in my personality and why I am not gaining as much traction as I would like as a newly single woman. Who knows. Maybe it is in my head. But these posts really got me wondering. Where did it go? Why did it leave? Why did I let it? What changed for/with me? Did I get complacent, or too comfortable and thus stopped caring about how I looked and then that in turn made me feel less than stellar and more self-conscious? Enough that I started to second guess myself? I know I can do better, I've always felt that way. But lately, I am more disappointed with what I see in the mirror. I've got to change that. I mean look at this:

This is just one example that showed up. I re-shared this one, but there are quite a few I didn't. I'm wondering how people weren't so sick of my posts, or if they were, why they never blocked me. Haha. Even this morning I thought about something from roughly 2005/2006 era.

I guess I've got to get my groove back!

Have a good weekend everyone ;-)

- L

In a Pinch

I get laughed at for some of my unconventional ways, but there is always a method to my madness. These are some tips I have come across over the years and actually put to use, some I just thought of randomly. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You can't always be prepared for it all, but you can try!

Makeshift dryer. I actually did this this morning, so don't laugh! My hair was a mess, left the house late (what else is new) and I couldn't deal with it. There was only so much brushing through it could do, so I wet my hair in the bathroom sink and braided it up in 2. Once at my desk, I used my heater to warm me up and dry my hair. Took the braids out, and Voila! Nice, pretty waves. Works well to dry clothes too. Don't have a heater? The hand dryers in the bathrooms can work too, just takes a lot longer to get the job done.

Dry, rough hands? You've been too busy to keep up maintenance on your manicure and your hands are screaming for justice. Whip up a quick sugar scrub on the go. This can be done almost anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. I'm guilty of this as well (shhh no judgement remember?) I find time at work during lunch or break to grab a packet of sugar from the coffee area and make amends with my hands. I just glob some lotion in the palm of my hand, pour the sugar over it (white sugar, because let me tell you the Sugar in the Raw was too painful!) and mix it up and rinse. Instant scrub on the go. My hands thank me for it when I'm done. You can use just about anything to make it work. If you're home, most any oil will do. If you're really in a pinch, just use some soap and you have a lathering scrub. No sugar? No problem! Salt will work just as well, just be careful with coarse salts.

Run in your tights? A little dab of clear nail polish, nail glue, or crazy glue will stop it in its tracks. Pull it away from your skin first if using glues. I've had a bad experience with gluing my tights to my leg. :-X

Oily, greasy face? Don't laugh at this one. Oily skinned gals there is a cheaper (and sometimes free) solution to oil blotting papers. You know the toilet seat liners? They work as oil blotters in a real tight situation. They don't mess with your makeup and absorb oil instantly.

Gaping shirt? Broken zipper? Safety pins and tape can get you very far. If none are on hand, rubber bands and paper clips to the rescue. I've made a fancy rubber band belt in my day.

No hair pins? Paper clips and binder clips can help you out. Not recommended for thick, curly, or natural hair.

Were these helpful? Amusing? Have tips of your own? Drop it in the comment box!

- L