Bits and Pieces

I've been sucking at doing posts recently. I actually do have a lot of down time now too, I've just been sucked into this never ending cycle of playing Candy Crush for hours and hours on end. If you have never heard of it then you are safe. Don't start playing now, you'll never win. Stay ahead of the game and never download Candy Crush. It's a soul sucking evil game that I can't stop playing. Anyway I'm being cheap on the post. It's an oldie but goodie (with some edits) I stole from my old blog. Is it still plagiarism if you steal it from yourself? Hmm.. FYI I also hate my former self for horrible grammar and non-capitalization. I apologize to anyone who ever read my old blog. Thankfully it is no longer public.

Some motivational and positive thinking that I need to remind myself about more often. I may have been onto something back then. (These are all things that I took from various books I was reading, which of course I didn't quote directly or even have references for. I apologize for that.)
  • The only way for you to receive is if you willingly give to someone else. It's the cycle of life, and you can't expect someone to give you something if you never give anyone anything. Simple favors like a ride to work, dropping someone home, lending money, sharing lunch, or even borrowing a book. Within reason these are all small enough things to do to help the next person out. What you do comes back to you in 10 fold because it's karma. It's like you doing something bad to someone and it happening to you only 10 times worse. But don't let people take advantage of you. All things in moderation. Unfortunately the world we live in now is so screwed up that people only think about themselves and what they want. There is no helping another person out of the goodness of their heart. You can't do something and expect an immediate return. Give it time. Things will happen if it's meant to be.
  • Positive energy and thoughts bring about positive things. Negative energy and thoughts bring about negative things. Always try to be positive and focus less on the bad things. If you don't want to get that ticket in the mail, then don't worry about it. The more you think about it it's going to come to you plus more! If you want that new crib house, car, or pair of shoes, then think about how good it'll suit you and it's yours. This one cracks me up because while there is power in positive thinking, if you ran a light with a camera, no matter how much positive thinking you do, you best believe you're still getting a ticket. Positive thinking should motivate you to work towards your goals, not magically make them appear. LOL at myself.
  • Believe in others as much as you believe in yourself. You always believe in yourself, so why not do that for other people? Help the next person out and build up their faith in themselves. Again, we come back to the idea of the life cycle. It's important to build up not only yourself, but others around you that you interact with on some a major level. You are the people you surround yourself with. So why not help your inner circle strengthen themselves? I am a firm believer in this, and never forgot this one. However, you can only help those who choose to help themselves. Or else no matter what you do, there won't be any changes. It kind of ties in with the first point a little bit.
  • Don't be a robot and always do as you're told. Think outside the box. Be creative. Look at things from other angles and points of view. Step into someone else's shoes. Look outside the window. Do something crazy. Take a different way home. It's all part of the experience of living. You've never really lived unless you've really taken a step back to look at who you are, what you do on a daily basis and done something out of the ordinary. You'll get a rush out of it its so exhilarating. I am DEFF guilty of not following this. Partly because I feel like I get shut down for being different or creative. IDK. But I must review this another time and try to live it. Sounds good actually. Doing the same thing over and over gets boring. You do end up missing 'living' because there is more to life than breathing. 
Thoughts? I will try to make the next post more interesting and original.

- L
cute corgi pup
That's for reading this long post because c'mon who doesn't love corgis?!? (Thanks Google)

Good Things...

... come to those who wait, work hard to get them, and deserve them. I can finally share with you all that my good thing has finally come. I was temping for this company long term - 1 year next week to be exact, and as of the 1st of the month I am an official PERMANENT employee. Yep, I got lucky. They decided to hire me. Come Monday morning I sign off on the rest of the paper work and do my orientation. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have some stability, benefits, and a salary. Honestly this is my first salaried position. I won't take it for granted. I worked too hard to get here. I also know how many people are out there struggling that would kill for an opportunity like this. I'm thankful. There are no words to really express how I feel. Relieved? Excited? Happy? Nervous? I was ecstatic when I received the offer letter, and my eyes damn near fell out of my head when I saw the salary. More than I was asking for, and more than I thought they were going to give me. I'm so thankful they were that generous. This will give me the opportunity to start get my life in order. The Mister and I recently got ourselves a little hoopty to get around in, so with the car and steady income, we can breathe a little easier. Better things are coming, I see it on the horizon!

Blessings to you all!
- L


That's the word of the day. I am, however, determined to reach my goal size by the end of the year. I'm also determined to pay off this credit card bill by the end of the year. Once I do that, I'll be able to breathe a little easier. For the most part I've been on top of paying my bills so I'm on track. I'm also determined to get rid of some of these self destructive habits.

Thanks to my home girl Roxy for posting this.
For the month of April I can start with:

1 - Doubting Yourself. While I don't doubt myself often, there are the occasional times I do. So I'm going to eliminate that.

3 - Fear of Failure. This goes hand in hand with #1 I think. Again not something I do often. I would say my biggest fear of "failure" would be as a mother. I'm not even close to parenthood yet, but I don't want to turn out like my mother. It's always my biggest fear. But I intend to be nothing like her, and I'm going to work my damnedest not be a better parent than she was.

8 - Comfort Eating. I am guilty of this to the extreme. I never used to be, so I have no idea how/when/why I started. Nonetheless I have to break this nasty habit. Find other ways to deal with my stress and emotions. I'll definitely try to sub exercise for eating.

9. Laziness. See #11 & 13 below.

10 - Negative Self Talk. Goes hand in hand with #1. I don't loathe myself (most days) but I do criticize myself sometimes and when you're having conversations with yourself it's hard to stay positive. LOL especially when it's concerning other bad habits.

11 - Procrastination. Ugh this is a big one. Who doesn't procrastinate? Unless you have severe OCD (kidding!) But procrastination is the devil in disguise and I will beat it. I'm sure all these To Do lists I have all over the place can get dusted off and taken care of.

13 - Anything Excessive. It speaks for itself. I can cut out excessive eating, drinking, complaining, laziness.... The list goes on. You get the point.

While I should get rid of all of these habits, I'm human and it's not going to happen overnight. I can focus on a few that will help me towards my professional growth and my weight loss journey. The rest will come in time. There are also a few I don't really have to work on because I've already accomplished it, or never was an issue for me.

4 - Destructive Relationships. I learned to let that one go a long time ago. If you're not helping me grow and move forward, then you're holding me back. Don't need it.

12 - Fear of Success. Never had this fear. Some people do. I get it.

14. People Pleasing. See below #15.

15. Putting Others Needs Before Your Own. This goes with #14. There are times when you have to do it - work, children, spouse. But it's all to an extent. At the end of the day you have to think about yourself. (Children excluded.) For the most part I don't do this. I stopped awhile ago. I'm pretty selfish as a lot of people will tell you, the Mister knows this first hand. But I'm not a complete bitch. I have my moments too. It took me awhile to learn not to be a puppy trying to seek approval from everyone. I like the balance I have achieved and don't see the need to change it. Just find your balance. Whatever works for you, no one is the same.

I'm sure you can tell the ones I left off are going to be the hardest for me, but I'm going to do it. Need to rid myself of the negativity. Can't let anyone or anything bring me down. There are so many good things in the works right now. God willing, I can end this year on a much better note than I did last year.

Any bad habits you need to break?

No Will Power

I broke my No Buy already. Yea I'm weak, I know it. In my defense, the sales were too good to pass up. I shoulda known better than to go to Target during my No Buy. LOL I will try to refrain from shopping for the rest of the month and try again in April. Realistically April 1st is the date to look forward to where things should fall into place for me. *fingers crossed* Not that I should have any excuses. But to be fair, I still put money in savings, paid more than my share on my bills and still had quite a bit of breathing room. I didn't go broke splurging it all on one check like I do sometimes. It's all about balancing.

And while I need to save a little more, I'm still content with what I bought. It wasn't anything super unnecessary. It was stuff I needed and some that I wanted that I will use and not toss to the side. One pair of sneakers because I have no casual footwear besides my gym sneakers. I kept meaning to buy them I just didn't want to pay jacked up prices. I saw them on sale, took it as a sign and bought them. With my luck if I would have waited, I would have never gotten them. That's always the story. The stuff in Target? That was a little unnecessary, but again the sale prices were really REALLY too good to say no to. I know for next time to stay away from Target during a No Buy session.

All in all I'm not feeling too guilty or bad about it. I could have done worse. I owned up to it and didn't try to hide it. So now you all know I cheated, 'cause I fessed up. On the plus side, some of the stuff I got at Target will make for good future posts. So it's more of an investment ;-)

BUT I'm still going well with my fitness and diet. Loving the Hot Yoga and the way it makes me feel. Working on my core, and general well being. Summer is around the corner!

Stay tuned!

Weird Ways to Save?

We all try to save, and for some it's easier. I can admit that I had trouble saving before. But there were several factors to that. Now that I'm on the right path, I thought I'd share a few things I've done.

I've never tried this, but I think it would a cool way to start, if you do the math it really adds up. Now I may try to do this one year just to see if I can incorporate it into my other routines.

One of the things I started doing to save that wasn't so weird, but normal, was to set up an automatic transfer from my checking to savings every paycheck. I started small, $25 a week to start. But every check (when I can) I add a little more on top of it. It make a difference. I even set some goals for myself to make myself more motivated. I'm happy to say that I've met my goals and continue to make new ones. Even if you can't commit to adding more than $20 a check to savings, it still adds up. Don't be discouraged! Start one step at a time, baby steps until you get where you want to be and/or feel comfortable to do more.

Now for the not so normal. Ha. These both get on the Mister's nerves because I'm so OCD about it. I started doing this about halfway through last year but it worked to help me save up quite a bit. No judgment here, please. I started saving up my crispy bills. Whenever I took money out the ATM, or got change back, I separated out my crispy bills from the more used bills, from the singles all the way to Big Ben. Yes I know how silly it sounds, but I hardly ever walk around with cash, so it was a good way for me to save up cash to have on hand in case of an emergency. And after I reached a certain amount or so, I would put some in the bank. I have had to use it once or twice, and thank goodness it was there! Even if it's just singles, it all adds up.

The other thing, is to empty all my change. Every night when I get home. I dump out my change and separate the quarters for laundry and put the rest in the cosmetic bag I use for change. But I also separate the quarters. I dislike the 'states' quarters, so I dump those back into the savings and use only the regular quarters for laundry. If there's any bi-centennial quarters or any other non-standard ones, back into savings they go. It may be odd, but it's what works for me. When the bag gets full, I lug it off to the bank and dump it into the change machine (thank you TD!) Whatever I get from it, goes straight into my account. Unless it's an emergency of course, in which case I keep it for what I need.

What else do you do to save money? Or so you think I'm crazy?