BMI Bullsh*t

Warning: This is a little bit of a ramble.

I spoke a little about this previously, but I know that I struggle with my weight. I find it hard to motivate myself. But for a little bit I was getting into it and working out, and it felt great! Then I fell off the wagon for a bit because of jury duty. Not an excuse, but I just couldn't make it work. I kept hoping each day would be the last, but it dragged out for almost 2 weeks. Then coming back to work I had to catch up on so many things. I had no time, energy, or motivation to work out. I still have been ok with my diet, I slipped up a bit, but I haven't had any noticeable weight gain. Not that it makes me in the clear, but at least I didn't completely go back to square one. But the one thing that has always plagued me is the BMI - Body Mass Index. It has almost always classified me as overweight, which at times I could understand, but I wasn't overweight all my life! More recently it's been telling me I'm Obese. I have a BMI of 30.1, so my Wii Fit says I'm obese and in danger of all these things, the Wellness Center at my job also says the same things. But then my waist is 32 inches and they say that's normal.

Now I am by far not trying to say I'm healthy. I know I'm not. My issue is with the BMI not accounting for the difference between fat/bone/muscle density (which are all different), body types/shapes, lifestyle, or male/female differentials. And I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. I came across a few articles here, here and here. It makes me feel less crazy. I'm 5'5", 184 lbs, 32" waist, 38D/36DD, 41" hips. While I do have some excess in my abdomen that I want to lose, I do not look at myself in the mirror and see an obese person staring back. I carry most of my weight in my legs and lower half of my body, which is almost toned up. Plus that rack ain't light! If I could get rid of it I would. But I digress. It can be said the same of someone opposite. Someone mentioned it in the comments section on the article I linked above - "Number 11: On the opposite end of the spectrum, a person with low bone and muscle density may be deemed fit when in fact they may be too high in body fat percentage. This person could be a risk for heart disease, diabetes, etc. and not even be aware of it because his BMI appears normal." The BMI isn't all that reliable. Granted there are other ways to figure out your fat/muscle ratio, I just don't understand why this is so popular/mainstream, aside from being as cheap as it gets.

Having everyone tell me I'm obese and I'm going to die from all these diseases I'm at risk for gets on my nerves. For one it is disheartening to hear that I need to lose 40-50 lbs and a 'healthy' weight for me is 133-137 lbs. It makes the struggle seem even that much harder, that my goal is that much further. And its just not fair dammit. So I protest against the BMI and refuse to accept those numbers. I know how I feel and how I look. I'm (mostly) comfortable with the way I am and am taking the steps towards meeting my goals.

 Anyone else think their BMI category doesn't match up?

- L

Slowing Down

I know I've been trying to work out/do yoga/take fitness classes/go jogging at least 3-4 days a week. Plus blog 2x a week, stay on top of my game at work, and sleep at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Not to mention keeping up with the Mister and his all over the place schedule. It's hard when I work 9-5, and he works nights. I end up staying up late, waiting for him to get home. Let's just say it's not working out. I'm not getting the sleep I need, I'm crashing during the day, and making myself sick (although that's the ever changing weather getting to me.) So last week I gave up on fitness things. Gave the diet a brief break. I was sick and exhausted. Not going to lie, I did cave into some cravings (damn you marshmallow pies!) but I haven't been too bad. It's been a nice change of pace. But I know I can't throw all that hard work away. I lost 6 lbs since the beginning of April! It may not seem like a lot, but its a personal achievement for me. While my goal is to lose about 20 more lbs, it's not necessarily about numbers - whether it be pounds, inches or size. I more want to be healthy and fit. Feel comfortable with myself and not out of breath from running up the stairs to catch my bus/train.

I don't even want to go there with the weight that I supposedly need to lose. According to my Wii Fit Plus and the Wellness Program at my job, I need to lose a little over 40 lbs to be "healthy" according to the BMI scale. Yep. My BMI number is in the "obese" range. Dropping 40 lbs would put me at a "normal" BMI. I'll be going more into details about this in a future post because it does piss me off to no end. I know I'm not healthy, that I could shed a few pounds and tone up. But placing me in the obese category based on a formula that doesn't account for body type, muscle vs fat, male vs female. It's insane. The 40 lbs they want me to lose would make me look about as real as Barbie. I got hips, breasts, thighs. I'm not trying to look like a stick... Ugh. I'm done. There will be a rant post about this very soon.

I have jury duty this week, so I'm sure I won't be posting until that's over. Sorry for the mini rant above. I will reveal all my numbers too, so we'll get to know each other very well. LOL

til the next time,
- L

PS: I didn't forget about the giveaway. Just really lazy right now. Soon though! :)

Get to Stepping!

Since my last post, I am proud to say, I have gotten better at not buying anything else. Just the necessities! Yay me :) I have also 100% committed myself to Hot Yoga, even increasing from the 60 min class to the 90 min one. Whooooo it's a big difference. But so worth it! I feel amazing after. Stress free and fully worked out. I have to be careful not to counteract it with junk and laziness, but for the most part I've been pretty good about it. Just not today. Its a lazy Sunday and I'm finding myself a little peckish. The Mister was raising his eyebrows at me and told me to slow my roll. So I am. I'll be working out in a little bit, I promise! And the main thing that's also been helping me, and I'm sure my Instagram followers are tired of me posting about it (sorry guys!) is monitoring my steps.

Yep, I'm walking around and counting my footsteps. Just not with a pedometer. I've been using this app on my iPhone called Moves. I like it because its so simple and it shows where I've been throughout the day. There are no extra features or buttons taking up screen space. It's simplicity at its best, without sacrificing function. It can also tell the difference between walking, running, and cycling, though I have yet to test that out. I will in the near future and I will let you know. I love it though, and it   doesn't force you into doing anything extra. Personally though, I look back at the amount of steps each day and compete with myself. LOL I know it sounds silly, but I do! I'm like "dag why didn't I walk as much as yesterday? What was I doing? I gotta do better tomorrow." It motivates me to be a little more active and walk around instead of taking the shortcuts. 

All in all I know there's more that I can do, but it's about the baby steps. I have to schedule my time better and be more mindful of what I eat. Less carbs, more veggies (especially greens) and be more focused. The fact that some of my coworkers are also on the health kick helps me because I feel guilty sneaking snacks or eating a less than amazing healthy lunch. Slowly, but surely, I will get there. I'm proud of myself to dropping a few lbs and keeping them off. It won't happen overnight, no matter how much I wish it did...

Stay healthy!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here, just another month. I know we all can't wait for the warmer weather. The flowers will be blooming, and allergies will be in effect. We clean out our homes and pack up all the winter gear and get ready for the warm sunny days. I usually almost never do spring cleaning. I rotate out my wardrobe at the most. But there are still a few key pieces that stay with me year round. So those drawers are untouched. This spring, I have 2 things I want to try out - for myself.

Starting March 1st, I am following MJ Fan Girl and going on a No Buy for the whole month. No shopping, only necessities and stuff for the house. This has 2 purposes. 1 - to help me save up some cash. 2 - to let me dig deep through my wardrobe and see how creative I can be with what I already have. I want to see if I can revamp my current clothes to make fantastic outfits without the added cost. Especially for me, I buy all these accessories and never use them. So I'm going to make the most of what I have and prove to myself that newer is not always better.

I'm also going to start my own "March MadnesS: Fitness Edition" Forget about New Year's resolutions, this is about spring cleaning - for my body. Most everyone has forgotten about their resolutions, and I'm just now starting. But it works. I know the gyms will be empty! I'm not trying to be a skinny chic. Weight is not the goal here. Being fit and healthy is. As I am now, I can barely walk up and down the stairs without wheezing. Not a good look. Not to mention my craptastic weak ankle. I want, no need to work out so my joints loosen up and drop a few pounds so I can ease the pressure off my ankle. There is no real deadline or end goal. I don't want to psych myself out. Just do this in a healthy way, at a steady, comfortable pace. I'll also really work hard at weaning off the meat and becoming a pescatarian. So far I've been good at staying away from red meat, now to slow down on the chicken. It's been a little harder than expected because I not only have no will power, but the Mister is the one who cooks most of the time. I can't force him into pescatarianism, so I have to really hunker down and say no to the bird.

Any one else "spring cleaning" or have ideas/tips?

Slow and steady wins the race.

NutriBullet Review

Hey guys and gals, this is my quick and easy of the NutriBullet. I just purchased one last week and started using it on Thurs. I can tell you since I've gotten it, I have used it everyday. That's a first for me and a kitchen appliance. So far I'm loving it!

For those of you that haven't seen the infomercial, you can see it here. It is the same company that does the Magic Bullet. But the NutriBullet is stronger, so it really pulverizes and breaks down the fruits and veggies for awesome smoothies. It is not, let me say that again, NOT a juicer. I was kind of mislead into thinking it was, but that was me not thoroughly doing my research and buying on a whim. Oops. Anyway, it's an extractor, so its not a blender or typical bullet either. It's really powerful and the smoothies are super smooth, no clumps and very thick. My only issue is with the smaller strawberry seeds. I will admit I didn't read thoroughly the instruction booklet, but it doesn't bother me too much. The Mister likes it too, and he uses is to make his own concoctions. All in all I see this being a new staple in our kitchen. Now I need to use it to make salsa and sauces!

I give them props for being Eco-friendly with their packaging. There were no plastic inserts, or Styrofoam trays. (They still had plastic bags, but all can't be avoided.)

The recipe book and Quick Start Guide were a nice touch. Although if I'm honest, I haven't used the recipes in the book yet. We haven't gone heavy duty grocery shopping yet to pick up all those items, so I've been looking things up on the internet, and improvising with what I have on hand. So far so good, except for this terrible kiwi I used yesterday :(

I will be buying more fruits and veggies to really test this baby out! But I can tell you I love it so much already. I have not had any problems with leakage, and it is so easy to use. You all know how pressed for time we are in the mornings, but with this, I'm in and out in 10 mins (including prep and clean up.) I'll come back in a few months to give you the full run down.