Playing Betty

First post of the new year :)

These past few weeks have been dragging. Between work and handling the holidays, I've been drained. But I've been finding my way around the kitchen more recently, and I love it. Those of you following me on Instagram know that I've been baking a little more lately. While I've been trying not to eat as much as I'm making, I do have to say that I've gotten better at this homemaker thing. I've been adding to my kitchen collection as well. My mom got me this great stainless steel Faberware pot set with glass lids that I'm in love with right now. Now to drag that Cuisinart over.... I'm still pissed I missed that Groupon for the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 4.5 qt for $199 with 3 attachments!!! Another time I guess. I also got a nice dessert book and set of ramekins from my co-worker. I'm really excited to use those ramekins! I was flipping through the dessert book as well and I want to make everything in it LOL. It's a quick and easy in 30 mins or less kind of cook book, so I shouldn't have any excuses. The Mister and everyone on Instagram will see the fruits of my labor. I just have to get better at decorating!

I still have to build up my kitchen to where I want it to be, but I'll have to wait until we move to a new apartment before I really get everything I want. For now I'll settle with the basics. But if anyone has any extra bakeware they want to get rid of, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands ;)

Like I mentioned before, I won't be making any resolutions for the new year. I think its a bunch of crock. If we all tried to be better human beings, the world would be a better place. I make no promises. But I'll try.

Be on the look out.... Good things are coming!