Isn't Life Funny?

Facebook really needs to re-do its algorithms, re-evaluate their lives, something. I have never in all the years I've been friends with my husband him, gotten emails about his status updates. But within the past month or so, they email me about his updates. Not even the same time either, at least a few days after. And they just suggested that I make an event for his birthday. LOL I can't figure out how to stop the updates. Maybe I'll just unfriend him. That might be easier. It's almost like that time it suggested my ex's wife to be my friend. Like really?

Facebook isn't always so terrible, as it did show some interesting articles on my newsfeed from Thought Catalog that I generally don't put much stock into. Don't get me wrong, they are good reads (most of the time) but I hardly ever find them applicable to my life. The ones I looked at yesterday, I feel like they apply to my situation and what I'm going through, just a little bit.

I clicked on this article first, and laughed at a few things, then saw this one on the bottom and felt a connection with it/the author. This part especially:

"You deserve someone who never leaves even if they found a better job or made more money or bought a fancier car. Someone who never leaves when they’re at their best, when they can get anyone they want but still choose you, when they don’t even care about exploring all these other ‘options’ to realize your worth because they know what they have and they know that you are one of a kind."

That part right there. Someone who doesn't care about the (un)known options out there. Or rather isn't as interested in them because they love you, they want you, they CHOOSE you. (That last one was a bit Pokemon-ish haha) I shared this on my page, and one of my friends pointed out that we are human and make mistakes and sometimes we take things/people for granted and walking away and coming back makes us appreciate it/you more. I get that, but then there are some people who just know your worth and appreciate you without having to walk away. That's what I'm looking for. It may be a fairytale and never happen, but at least I can hope right? I know there's give and take and sometimes we have to compromise about things. But I'm just not ready to settle yet. I want to keep the hope alive a little bit longer.

- L

To Poo or No Poo?

That is the question. I have been noticing my hair is becoming more lackluster and not all that it can be. And trust me I know I have put my hair through the ringer. I've bleached it, fried it, dyed it, all kinda thangs to it. That Baz Luhrmann song comes to mind - "Don't mess too much with your hair, or by the time it's 40, it will look 85." I never understood it until now. ::sigh:: Last year when I hit 25 my whole body changed up on me and my hair the worst. Everything I did and didn't do to it caught up to me. I never really understood how to take care of myself other than shower, shave, wash and condition hair. The bare basics. My mom never taught me about skin/hair types and products. I just used whatever she bought and that was that. Even when I moved out, I didn't give it much thought. I used cheap products, or maybe tried a few things my friends talked about, but didn't keep up with it. Only in the last 2 years or so did I start to learn about my hair and take the time to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. But I'm still learning, and its a process.

Throughout my research, I have come across the "no poo" method several times. I've never given it much thought and skipped over those articles and blog posts. I thought I had it figured out. Stop at home dying and make peace with the fact that I will never be a blonde bombshell or have those caramel locks, no matter how hard I tried (and some of you know, I tried HARD!) I started deep conditioning with a whole range of products from the drug stores and beauty stores. Stopped using heat on my hair, locked up that flat iron. I got into the oils for my hair instead of store bought products. And for awhile I thought I had it down, but then my hair said 'sike! I'm not ready to behave.' So now I am back to square one and looking at "no poo" methods.

But there isn't just one, there are several. My head hurts just thinking about it. Condition only method, Honey only method, ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), baking soda.... The list goes on. I'm sure that's not even all of them. I will admit I am willing to give these all a try in the name of finding the best method for me and my hair. It's dry, frizzy, damaged, and tangles easily. I used to have wavy hair that didn't need product to maintain its shine or create those waves. It just air dried perfectly. Now I struggle to make it look decent when it air dries, its neither straight nor wavy, just puffy.

I mean look at that hair!
I am scared of the transition period, but I'm also afraid of all the chemicals in my shampoos and conditioners. I mean at some point it's almost like everything you use will end up killing you. But that doesn't mean I want to go before my time - if I can help it. So it's a toss up. Can I really wean myself off my chemical filled shampoos and conditioners in lieu of all natural ingredients from my kitchen? I mean they smell so good! Why couldn't I have just been a hippie? I'm going to join the commune in Montana...

Do you use the "no poo" method? Any tips for the transition period? 

- L

Japanese Goodies!

For my birthday, MJ Fan Girl brought me some goodies from Nihon (Japan)!

I was really excited to meet up with her for dinner. We went to Narita (Japanese of course) and had a good time. I couldn't wait to open the bag! Inside was one of my favorites, Tokyo Banana, a BB cream, a Japanese Uniqlo flyer, and a Sephora giftcard.

I was über excited! I ate one of the Tokyo Banana before we even left the restaurant. Hehe.

Before the night was over, I went to Barnes & Noble and got this pocket sized Japanese book so I could practice my beginner skills. I know MJ Fan Girl will help me practice since she's so fluent. :)

I took these pics all at home of course. After all of this, I'm stuffed and content to go to sleep. Class tomorrow morning.


ASL Update

I'm still working on the other post. I'm trying to figure out my POV for it and how to make it all come together. I've also been lazy and busy. Lazy to post, busy with class and work.

ASL is a little harder for me because I can't practice with the Mr as I had hoped. I finally made the effort to ask my friends to practice, so I will be practicing with someone 1x a week. Hopefully this helps. My main focus will be to work on reading and understanding someone else's signs, as well as grammar. But I am picking up on the signs fairly quickly. I just need to practice them and learn them that way. Having class 1x a week on Saturday mornings may not have been the best idea. I also feel a little behind because almost everyone else has more ASL experience than I do. But I will not be deterred. I am going to try to look at many DVDs and online vids as possible, with the books I have. I must pass this. I will pass this.

We have a project due this Saturday, and the person I chose to research was TL Forsberg. She's really cool, and her music is pretty awesome. Check her out singing and signing:

I'll be in touch soon!