FIT Foodie Friday (Kinda)

Hi guys I know I've been slacking off big time, but I'm trying!


I've been eating pretty crappy lately, especially this weekend for Thanksgiving. But I have also been eating less. So win win there? I have been more busy at work with ongoing projects and deadlines, so I've been distracted. Distraction means less mindless snacking at work and eating just to eat. But I also haven't had much of an appetite. It comes and goes.


I quit my gym. Sad, I know. It was a nice gym too, but the price per month was killing me. I'm trying to save up for a new apartment and I had to cut costs. I was barely going anyway. So I made the cut, and I don't miss it. BUT I'm considering signing up for a couple of 5ks in the NYC area. I was so bummed I missed Color Me Rad this summer, I've made up my mind to do it this year. Along with a couple other ones. Maybe I can attempt a 13.1 while I'm at it. Nah let me not fool myself. I'll do the 5ks to start and see where it takes me. I for sure need to get my act together. Besides the fact that the Mister comments on it all the time, I'm disappointed in myself. Why am I struggling to put my (tall) UGGS on?!? Ummm nope. Nipping this in the bud right now. There is plenty I can do at home with better time management and motivation.

Sorry for letting you all down! I am getting back on my game. #OperationSlimmaz is in effect.

- L