I must stop. I swear I cannot do this anymore. I checked my Mint account a few weeks ago and I am a certified shop-a-holic. Too much of my money gets whisked away before I even know it. Part of it is that I have absolutely no self control, the other part of it is me having money. Sounds odd, but when I was making single digits an hour I had no choice but to pay all my bills and barely have money for a metrocard and lunch, let alone to shop. Now that I make well above what I was making before, I am going out of control. I already know I'm more than over-compensating for the fact that I could never buy anything before when I was consistently living paycheck to paycheck. But its hard to see something I want and not buy it. Especially since I know I can afford it and I'm totally compulsive and have to have it yesterday. Did I mention I have horrible self control? Don't get me wrong I do save, and I have a decent savings. I'm not neglecting my bills either. Everything gets paid on time, believe that! Credit card companies are vultures and they do not joke around.

I am slowing down now though. Majority of my money goes to food, but we all gotta eat right? I am cutting down on spending exorbitant amounts of money on lunch, and jumping on it when the company buys us lunch. Shoot.. I'm not turning down anything free. I also don't shop for clothes. Mostly because I'm fat, and partly because I don't care how the hell I look 80% of the time. I'm a very low key, in and out of the bathroom kinda gal. I secretly do like to dress up, but my esteem is shot with my waistline, and I really don't have the time for all the dolling up. I'd rather sleep than wake up early to do makeup, hair and all that extra stuff. Which makes me wonder why I made VIB status at Sephora in less than 3 months and am at over 600 points -__- I still have not found a good foundation I like, so that's my reason for not using all the million products I have. What's the point in dressing up everything else if your face is all blotchy and shitty looking?

Anyway I digress. I will put myself on a new savings plan and see how that works out. I'm putting more towards my bills so I can be free from these predators scavengers, whatever you wanna call them. I've already set aside a moving out fund, and am almost done with my emergency fund, so I will start a vacation fund, or something similar. Maybe I'll just name it "Just Cause" fund. That has a nice ring to it :-) But less shopping! After my birthday splurge, I will take a hiatus. I promise!

Ciao bellas!